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This page is about honey bee swarms and what to do if one arrives in your garden.

“When a group of worker bees with a queen and drones leaves a hive to establish a new colony.” ABC’s of Beekeeping Problems and Problem Beekeepers by William Dullas

“When a honey bee swarm emerges from a hive, they do not fly far at first. They may gather in a tree or on a branch only a few meters from the hive. There, they cluster about the queen and send 20-50 scout bees out to find a suitable new nest location. (Wikipedia)

Encountering a bee swarm for the first time can be alarming. Bees tend to swarm near their hives or honey combs, so if a swarm is visible then a nest is nearby. Swarms are not usually aggressive unless provoked, so it is important to keep a good distance from the swarm.

Below is a list of our members that provide honey bee swarm collection service and may require a fee.


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